At RivaReno Gelato, we use the traditional Italian way of storing the gelato. Gelato is stored in ‘pozzetti’ – stainless steel cylindrical containers deep inside the counter and covered with lids.

Although you cannot see the gelato, there are many advantages to using ‘pozzetti’. Gelato is at its best the moment it comes out of the gelato machine. After this point the gelato slowly oxidises and begins to lose flavour and freshness. The pozzetti are critical for the preservation of gelato, keeping it in the best possible state, maximising freshness and taste without the need for preservatives. This is particularly important since we use such high quality ingredients.

Using pozzetti importantly maintains a very consistent (and much warmer) temperature. This is one reason why our gelato has a soft, smooth and velvety texture. As the gelato is not so cold, it allows your taste buds to taste the gelato much better. In addition using pozzetti is a much more hygienic way of storing gelato, keeping the environment out. Each flavour is contained in a separate container covered with lids, avoiding cross-contamination of flavours.



Whilst ‘gelato’ in Italian literally means frozen, it refers to the dessert invented in Italy, which has roots that go as far back as ancient times across different cultures.

You might think that ‘Gelato’ is simply the Italian word for ‘ice cream’ but the truth is, it is very different. Here we set out some of the main differences.

Less Fat – Gelato is made predominantly from milk, whereas ice cream is cream-based. Gelato typically contains more high quality real ingredients and less sugar than ice cream. Immediately you can see why gelato typically contains much less fat, and less sugar (this does depend on who is making it of course).

Churning – Gelato is churned much slower than ice cream and has a lower ‘overrun’ (the additional air content incorporated). Whilst gelato might have a 20% overrun, ice cream can have an overrun of 90%. That is why, when you pick up a 4 litre tub of ice cream it feels like it doesn’t weigh anything at all (because it is mainly air), whereas when you pick up even a small tub of gelato, you will feel the weight. This means that gelato denser, contains less air, and is therefore more concentrated in flavour. Ice cream on the other hand, contains much more air, and as a result the flavour is somewhat ‘diluted’ by the air.

We at RivaReno Gelato do not need to use chemicals or airing agents to ‘puff up’ our gelato, as a result, it contains much less air, and is very dense.



All our gelato and sorbets are made fresh every day in our “laboratorio” located in our store. Each flavour is made in very small batches, making just enough gelato for that day. We specifically chose to use very small volume gelato machines, which produce a maximum of 5 kilos at a time When a flavour runs out, we simply make it again! All in the name of freshness.

There are too many flavours to list them all, but here is a list of some of our more popular gelato flavours. To honour the tradition of gelato as quintessentially Italian, we have kept the Italian names, translated them for you (where possible) and provided a short description.



RivaReno recreates the recipes of the best Italian gelato tradition: Our flavours have milk and a little cream as their main ingredients.  The velvety and creamy texture and appealing flavours are achieved by using cane sugar (which makes the gelato more fluid and less sweet), the highest quality milk, and carob flour.

Fior Di Panna:

A pure milk and cream flavour with a touch of Madagasca’s ‘Bourbon’ vanilla. Gelato in its purest form.


The true taste of ‘crema pasticcera’ – an Italian egg-based pastry cream

Cioccolato Fondente (Dark Chocolate):

Made with red African cocoa beans sourced from Zaire and the Ivory Coast. These precious cocoa beans are toasted and crushed in Holland, a country with a great tradition in chocolate.

Cioccolato Extra – Fondente (Extra Dark Chocolate):

For connoisseurs and lovers of extra dark chocolate. This flavour adds to RivaReno’s Dark Chocolate recipe a bitter Manjari cocoa from Madagascar, releasing a pleasing hint of tobacco on the palate.

Cioccolato Al Rhum (Chocolate & Rum):

Our creamy chocolate with a splash of rum, and slivers of dark chocolate.

Pistacchio Bronte (Pistachio):

One of RivaReno’s most popular flavours, with an intense and unique taste of pistachio. Pistachio is a precious ingredient whose quality can vary widely from year to year. As well as this, pistachios from Bronte are only harvested every second year. In order to maintain consistency, a blend exclusive to RivaReno is used. RivaReno sources pistachios principally from Bronte, Sicily in a percentage ranging from 45% to 75%, supplementing them with pistachios from the Middle East. The amount of skins used, as well as how long the pistachios are roasted for is all controlled by RivaReno.

Nocciola Piemonte (Hazelnut):

A unique flavour using “Tonda Gentile Trilobata” hazelnuts sourced from Piedmont. Farmed in the highlands where the sun shines longer, RivaReno’s hazelnut flavour gives has an intense and a long lasting flavour. As with our Pistacchio flavour, the amount of skins used, as well as how long the pistachios are roasted for is all controlled by RivaReno.

Caffè (Coffee):

Premium Arabica coffee beans with lots of crunchy slivers of dark chocolate, to make a delicious and classic flavour that mimics the Italian tradition of serving a chocolate with a good cup of coffee.

Bacio (Chocolate & Hazelnut):

A delicious blend of intense chocolate and creamy hazelnut, with whole-roasted hazelnuts, reminiscent of the famous “gianduiotto” Piedmontese chocolates.


Produced mainly in the summer months, this flavour perfectly complements fresh seasonal fruit.

Marron Glacé (Candied Chestnuts):

For connoisseurs and lovers of marron glacé. Premium marron glacé are sourced from Piedmont and combined with cream of chestnut supplied from Agrimontana, an historic Piedmontese company who is the leader in candied fruit production.


Our custard gelato and Marsala (a type of port wine originating from Marsala, Sicily) are combined to transform this classic Italian dessert into gelato. The Marsala is sourced from the Pellegrino cellars, a traditional Sicilian winery recognised for the production of this sweet wine.

Cocco (Coconut):

Produced mainly in the summer months, this exotic flavour is prepared using Sri Lankan coconut milk and coconut slivers.

Vaniglie (Vanilla):

For connoisseurs and lovers of premium vanilla, RivaReno offers different varieties, ranging from spicy Tahitian vanilla to the more delicate Madagascan Bourbon vanilla.

Liquirizia (Liquorice):

Made only with liquorice “Menozzi e De Rosa” from Abruzzo. A fresh and creamy flavour that enhances all the aromatic properties of the plant.



These exclusive gelato flavours are only found in RivaReno Gelato stores. Combinations of unexpected tastes and flavours are developed with both traditional and exotic ingredients. These specialties are the fruit of RivaReno’s creativity and reflect its curiosity  for the culinary traditions of other countries.


One of RivaReno’s most popular flavours. Mascarpone, a rich Italian dairy cream, is combined with a splash of Marsala ‘Vergine Soleras’ (an Italian port wine), one of the most prized Italian liquors and with a delicious topping of melted giandiuia (chocolate and hazelnut).

Mascarpone Moka:

Based on the famous Italian Tiramisù, the RivaReno interpretation features mascarpone gelato, a splash of Sicilian Marsala, Arabica coffee and dark chocolate slivers.

Cremino RivaReno:

Based on the traditional Italian chocolates that go by the same name, which were invented in Turin in the late 1800’s. These multi-layered square chocolates feature layers of chocolate, hazelnut and white chocolate. Our interpretation is made with a white chocolate and hazelnut ganache with layers of gianduia throughout.

Amarenata Croccante:

A classic revisited. Amarena sour cherry gelato with crushed amaretti biscuits and hazelnut toffee pieces.

San Luca:

For lovers of white chocolate. Melted white chocolate and puffed rice are combined for a sensational taste.


Sicilian almond, crushed amaretti biscuits and a touch of hazelnut from Piedmont are enriched with caramelised almonds to achieve an amazing flavour for almond lovers.


Refined and exclusive. Mediterranean pine nut gelato enriched with pine nuts freshly toasted in RivaReno’ s laboratory to create a delicate flavour with maximum taste and crunchiness.

Mango Heera:

Premium Indian Alfonso mango and yoghurt are combined to re-create the exotic Indian national drink, “mango lassi”.


A rich flavour based on Torta Barozzi tarts from Modena -a traditional Emilia-Romagna cake made with dark chocolate, egg, coffee, almonds and rum. RivaReno combines chocolate, zabaione and pieces of Barozzi tarts made in house on the traditional recipe.

New York – New York:

Inspired from the pecan pie of North America, this flavour combines organic Canadian maple syrup and caramelised pecan nuts creating a sweet creamy gelato with the crunchiness of nuts.

Crema Mediterranea: 

Our custard gelato and raisins sourced from the Aeolian Islands are blended with sweet Sicilian Zibibbo from the Cantine Pellegrino winery.

Sweet Alabama:

Popular with our customer and inspired by the United States, this delicious flavour combines creamy chocolate with peanut butter.

Ricotta e Fichi:

Ricotta gelato, prepared using sheep’s milk ricotta, is combined with whole cooked and caramelised figs for a true Mediterranean taste.

Crema Fiorentina: 

Custard gelato, honey and orange peel are combined to re-create the famous crema of Renaissance architect, sculptor and painter Buontalenti. The original recipe, which was since lost in history, was created for an inaugural feast to mark the completion of the Belvedere Fortress in the 16th century. Whilst the original recipe was never revealed, this is RivaReno’s interpretation.


A gelato created by RivaReno to celebrate the 150 th anniversary of the unification of Italy. A recipe that evokes the union between North and South, a dark chocolate and hazelnut gelato, made with the best  “tonde gentili” hazelnuts  with a tiny pinch of sea salt from Trapani.


A flavour for cinnamon lovers using premium quality Sri Lankan cinnamon.


Creamy Fior di panna (fine cream) gelato is topped with sour cherry syrup and whole sour cherries.

Ganache al Cioccolato Fondente:

A silky smooth flavour that is a blend of extra dark chocolate with light as air whipped cream.

Ganache Moka:

A silky smooth flavour that is a blend of extra dark chocolate with light as air whipped cream and a touch of Arabica coffee.

Ganache al Cioccolato Bianco:

A silky smooth flavour that is a blend of white chocolate with light as air whipped cream.

Sesamo Nero (Black Sesame):

An intense flavour made with organic black sesame.

Noce e Dattero (Date and Walnut):

Usually made in the winter months, walnut gelato is mixed through with fresh Medjool dates and in house caramelised walnuts.