Artisan Desserts

 Gelato and sorbets are what we are all about, we have never lost focus on that. However we do offer a range of other artisan desserts which we make fresh in store.
From freshly made to order hot crêpes, waffles and hot chocolates in winter, to refreshing Sicilian fresh fruit granitas, frappes in summer. We also offer coffee and affogatos made using our amazing gelato.
Our indoor seating means Rivareno is a great place to meet with friends, and catch up on the latest news. Or – grab a take away gelato tub, gelato cake, or hand made gelato sticks pack to take to your next dinner party – or just to enjoy in the comfort of your own home! There is something for everyone…
Our gelato menu has five specials which change each week ensuring there is always something different to try!

Hand-crafted artisan gelato sticks

Individual sticks for the go, or mini-stick gift packs

Rivareno hand crafted gelato sticks are very popular. Whilst we always recommend that nothing beats the super-fresh gelato in our counter, if you need something for the go, to bring to a dinner party, or just outright love the chocolate coating, these will impress. All are hand made in our ‘laboratorio’ with our fresh gelato, and dipped in Belgian dark 72% chocolate.

Artisan italian gelato

What we are famous for

All our artisan italian gelato and sorbets are made fresh every day in our “laboratorio” located in our store. Each flavour is made in very small batches, making just enough gelato for that day. We specifically chose to use very small volume gelato machines, which produce a maximum of 5 kilos at a time. When a flavour runs out, we simply make it again! All in the name of freshness.

Our fresh fruit sorbets do not contain any fat, and are all dairy free, gluten free and vegan.

We do online orders through Uber Eats, Foodora and Deliveroo

Fresh fruit sorbets and granita

Unlike any other sorbet you have tried.

At Rivareno Gelato, our fresh fruit sorbets are made using around 55% real fruit – no fruit pastes, purees or syrups and no artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives or hydrogenated fats commonly used by gelato makers. Our sorbets are never icy, instead always silky smooth and full of flavour. The amazing texture and flavour is achieved by the high proportion of fruit that we use, making our sorbets taste like you are eating a freshly picked piece of fruit.

In addition to very high proportions of fruit, the other main ingredients are water, a little sugar, natural fibre, marine algae and carob flour. These last 3 ingredients, whilst used in very small amounts, are completely natural and help to maintain the incredible texture of our sorbets. Our fresh fruit sorbets do not contain any fat, and are all dairy free, gluten free and vegan.

Fresh fruit granita The traditional, Genuine article

Our daily made granita is prepared with real fruit, water and cane sugar only. We do not use syrups, colorants or other artificial flavours. In summer, Rivareno offers a wide range of refreshing granitas, characterised by their fine and smooth texture.

Hot crêpes

Made fresh from scratch

At Rivareno Gelato we make the crêpes batter using high quality ingredients – fresh eggs, milk, flour and butter. We cook the crêpes right in front of you – we do not use pre-prepared crêpes which simply need to be warmed up. Choose to have your crêpes with our gianduia sauce (a chocolate-hazelnut sauce similar to Nutella), or with organic Canadian maple syrup, and our freshly made gelato or freshly whipped cream.
The perfume of freshly made crêpes…

Hot Golden Waffles

Hot Belgian Waffles

We offer very high quality Belgian waffles made with only natural ingredients- eggs, real butter, milk and authentic pearl sugar sourced from Belgium. Choose to have your waffles with our gianduia sauce (a chocolate-hazelnut sauce similar to Nutella), or with organic Canadian maple syrup, and our freshly made gelato or freshly whipped cream.
The perfume of freshly made waffles…

Gelato cakes

Cakes that look fantastic, but importantly taste amazing

Rivareno gelato cakes are truly special. All of them are hand made in our ‘laboratorio’ with our fresh gelato. Our gelato cakes, are natural – no artificial flavourings or colourings. We think that is really important. So our gelato cakes seem more ‘artisan’ and natural in appearance rather than bright colours. We also use exactly the same gelato that we serve over the counter, not a watered down, diluted gelato made just for gelato cakes. As you know, we never compromise when it comes to quality. In our display freezer we have a vast array of different cakes and gelato sticks available.

Visit our online store where you can choose from a range of gelato cakes, and also customise the flavours at no extra cost.

Buy Cakes Online

Hot and cold drinks

From hot to cold, sit in, chill out and watch the world go by.

At Rivareno we also have a range of drinks available.

Like a milkshake, but instead of using pre-made syrups or flavourings, we use our amazing gelato, and blend it with milk. Your choice of gelato flavour.
Just like the frappè, but with extra gelato to give it that beautiful thick consistency. Your choice of gelato flavour.
Your choice of gelato flavour drowned in a shot of espresso coffee, optional freshly whipped cream.

Italian-style short espresso. We recommend to enjoy it at the counter Italian style, or sit and relax in our store and watch the world go by.


Thick, rich, italian style: Rivareno hot chocolate is made with one of the best chocolates in the world – Valrhona single origin Grand Cru ‘Manjari’ – made with single origin 64% cocoa from Madagascar. It is a very thick, rich chocolate with beautifully balanced acidity and red fruit sorbets.

Brioche con gelato

Brioche filled with gelato and freshly whipped cream.

In Sicily brioche are eaten with granita or gelato and freshly whipped cream. It is common to have brioche with Sicilian almond granita and cream even for breakfast.
At Rivareno we have sourced top quality brioche buns from a local Italian baker. Fill them with your choice of gelato, freshly whipped cream and the irresistible gianduia sauce (a chocolate-hazelnut sauce similar to Nutella).
Take yourself back to Sicily…