Flavours you will only find at Rivareno gelato

These exclusive gelato flavours are only found in Rivareno Gelato stores. Combinations of unexpected tastes and flavours are developed with both traditional and exotic ingredients. These specialties are the fruit of Rivareno’s creativity and reflect its curiosity  for the culinary traditions of other countries.

GraniteFruit sorbets


One of Rivareno’s most popular flavours. Mascarpone, a rich Italian dairy cream, is combined with a splash of Marsala ‘Vergine Soleras’ (an Italian port wine), one of the most prized Italian liquors and with a delicious topping of melted giandiuia (chocolate and hazelnut).


Refined and exclusive. Mediterranean pine nut gelato enriched with pine nuts freshly toasted in Rivareno’ s laboratory to create a delicate flavour with maximum taste and crunchiness.


Creamy Fior di panna (fine cream) gelato is topped with sour cherry syrup and whole sour cherries.


Sicilian almond, crushed amaretti biscuits and a touch of hazelnut from Piedmont are enriched with caramelised almonds to achieve an amazing flavour for almond lovers.

Mango heera

Premium Indian Alfonso mango and yoghurt are combined to re-create the exotic Indian national drink, “mango lassi”.

New York -New York

Inspired from the pecan pie of North America, this flavour combines organic Canadian maple syrup and caramelised pecan nuts creating a sweet creamy gelato with the crunchiness of nuts.

Sweet Alabama

Popular with our customers and inspired by the United States, this delicious flavour combines creamy chocolate with peanut butter.


A gelato created by Rivareno to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. A recipe that evokes the union between North and South, a dark chocolate and hazelnut gelato, made with the best “tonde gentili” hazelnuts with a tiny pinch of sea salt from Trapani.

Ganache al cioccolato fondente

A silky smooth flavour that is a blend of extra dark chocolate with light as air whipped cream.

Ganache Moka

A silky smooth flavour that is a blend of extra dark chocolate with light as air whipped cream and a touch of Arabica coffee.

Ganache Bonèt

Dark chocolate ganache,
Arabica coffee and crushed amaretti

Ganache cioccolato bianco

A silky smooth flavour that is a blend of white chocolate with light as air whipped cream.

Cremino Rivareno

Based on the traditional Italian chocolates that go by the same name, which were invented in Turin in the late 1800’s. These multi-layered square chocolates feature layers of chocolate, hazelnut and white chocolate. Our interpretation is made with a white chocolate and hazelnut ganache with layers of gianduia throughout.

Mascarpone moka

Based on the famous Italian Tiramisù, the Rivareno interpretation features mascarpone gelato, a splash of Sicilian Marsala, Arabica coffee and dark chocolate slivers.

Caramello SALATO

Salted Caramel with pink Himalayan salt, toffeed hazelnut pieces.


A rich flavour based on Torta Barozzi tarts from Modena -a traditional Emilia-Romagna cake made with dark chocolate, egg, coffee, almonds and rum. Rivareno combines chocolate, zabaione and pieces of Barozzi tarts made in house on the traditional recipe.


Aromatic mint from Pancalieri
with dark chocolate chips

Amarenata croccante

A classic revisited. Amarena sour cherry gelato with crushed amaretti biscuits and hazelnut toffee pieces.


A flavour for cinnamon lovers using premium quality Sri Lankan cinnamon.

Cioccolato all’arancia

Creamy chocolate with candied orange pieces and orange peel


Sheep's milk ricotta, candied lemon, orange, cedro peel and dark chocolate slivers

Cioccolato Biondo

Valrhona "blond chocolate" ganache with a pinch of salt

Cioccolato al cocco

Creamy chocolate, Sri Lankan coconut milk and coconut pieces

Noce e dattero

Walnut, caramelised walnuts and fresh Medjool dates


Pure walnut


Sheep's milk ricotta and Calabrian lemon peel

Black sesame

Organic black sesame

Matcha green tea

Organic Matcha green tea

Crema di Natale

Custard gelato with pieces of panettone and caramelised almonds

Macadamia nut

Australian Macadamia nut with whole caramelised macadamias

Crema fiorentina

Custard gelato with honey and orange peel

Ricotta & Fichi

Sheep's milk ricotta with caramelised figs

Sorbetto cioccolato extra bitter

Extra dark chocolate sorbet

Cremino Dark

Dark chocolate gianduia gelato which imitates the multi-layered Cremino chocolate from Turin. Rivareno makes this inimitable flavour with layers of pistachio cream throughout.

Cremino Caffè

White chocolate and hazelnut ganache with in house coffee sauce


Our custard gelato and Marsala (a type of port wine originating from Marsala, Sicily) are combined to transform this classic Italian dessert into gelato. The Marsala is sourced from the Pellegrino cellars, a traditional Sicilian winery recognised for the production of this sweet wine.

Cioccolato al rhum

Our creamy chocolate with a splash of rum, and slivers of dark chocolate.


Made only with liquorice “Menozzi e De Rosa” from Abruzzo. A fresh and creamy flavour that enhances all the aromatic properties of the plant.


For connoisseurs and lovers of marron glacé. Premium marron glacé are sourced and combined with cream of chestnut supplied from Agrimontana, an historic Piedmontese company who is the leader in candied fruit production.

San Luca

For lovers of white chocolate. Melted white chocolate and puffed rice are combined for a sensational taste.


Custard gelato with zibibbo wine and Malvasia-soaked raisins


A silky smooth flavour that is a blend of white chocolate with light as air whipped cream.


An intense flavour made with organic black sesame.


Organic Matcha green tea


Sheep's milk ricotta and passion fruit


Ricotta gelato, prepared using sheep’s milk ricotta, is combined with whole cooked and caramelised figs for a true Mediterranean taste.

Vaniglia Rivareno

An intense vanilla made with Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

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