Traditional Italian gelato flavours

Rivareno recreates the recipes of the best Italian gelato tradition: our flavours have milk and a little cream as their main ingredients.  The velvety and creamy texture and appealing flavours are achieved by using cane sugar (which makes the gelato more fluid and less sweet), the highest quality milk, and carob flour.

Fruit sorbetsGranite

Fior di panna

A pure milk and cream flavour with a touch of Madagasca’s ‘Bourbon’ vanilla. Gelato in its purest form.


The true taste of ‘crema pasticcera’ – an Italian egg-based custard gelato.


Made with red African cocoa beans sourced from Zaire and the Ivory Coast. These precious cocoa beans are toasted and crushed in Holland, a country with a great tradition in chocolate.

Cioccolato extra-fondente

For connoisseurs and lovers of extra dark chocolate. This flavour adds to Rivareno’s Dark Chocolate recipe a bitter Manjari cocoa from Madagascar, releasing a pleasing hint of tobacco on the palate.


One of Rivareno’s most popular flavours, with an intense and unique taste of pistachio. Rivareno sources pistachios principally from Bronte, Sicily supplementing them with pistachios from the Middle East to maintain consistency (Bronte pistachios are harvested every second year). The amount of skins used, as well as how long the pistachios are roasted for is all controlled by Rivareno.


A unique flavour using “Tonda Gentile Trilobata” hazelnuts sourced from Piedmont. Farmed in the highlands where the sun shines longer, Rivareno’s hazelnut flavour gives has an intense and a long lasting flavour. As with our Pistacchio flavour, the amount of skins used, as well as how long the pistachios are roasted for is all controlled by Rivareno.


Premium Arabica coffee beans with lots of crunchy slivers of dark chocolate, to make a delicious and classic flavour that mimics the Italian tradition of serving a chocolate with a good cup of coffee.


A delicious blend of intense chocolate and creamy hazelnut, with whole-roasted hazelnuts, reminiscent of the famous “gianduiotto” Piedmontese chocolates.


Produced mainly in the summer months, this flavour perfectly complements fresh seasonal fruit.


Sri Lankan coconut milk and coconut slivers.


A classic flavour, always delicious and amazing. Fior di panna gelato with dark chocolate chips.

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