Our commitment in making the best gelato

What separates us from other gelaterie

Our goal is to always offer you the best gelato: in order to do it, we take care of some aspects we consider really important.

The intensity

of the flavours

Our gelato flavours have to pass a simple test: blindfolded you should be able to recognise the flavour with ease.

The freshness

Rivareno gelato is always freshly made only a few hours prior in our laboratory.

The velvety

consistency on the palate

Our recipe to make the best gelato ensures that there are no coarse ice crystals on the palate.

A gelato

that is not as cold

Rivareno gelato is served at a higher temperature relative to other gelato stores, helping you to taste the flavours much better as the cold is a natural anaesthetic.

The creaminess

and perfect balance of the sugars

Always creamy and smooth without being heavy, our gelato is never excessively sweet. You will never be left with an unpleasant after taste.

The ingredients

and their doses

Our gelato recipes are focused on pure, high quality, natural ingredients, and the perfect dose to allow you to clearly distinguish each flavour.

Our Alpine milk

From the Cuneo highlands, our milk-based flavors are made with 70% of milk and we are one of the few gelato producers to place such importance on our milk and cream used.

Only real fruit

Used to make fruit sorbets and granita. We do not use syrups or flavourings, with each flavour containing up to 65% fruit (some even much more).

The “pozzetti” counter

Storing the gelato to preserve the freshness, quality and goodness of the gelato, unlike typical ice cream counters where you can see the product.

Our amazing flavours

Over the years, Rivareno has developed a long list of recipes. Each year we add new ones, whilst the existing recipes undergo a process continual refinement.

Only few producers can boast the same high quality and healthiness of Rivareno