Rivareno x O Tama Carey, Milk Toffee Chef Exclusive

Introducing Milk Toffee made of decadent Sri Lankan spiced milk toffee and toasted cashew nuts.

If you have had the pleasure of dining at Lankan Filling Station you will know that O Tama’s dishes come from the heart, and so do the flavours that inspired this limited edition flavour.  

‘My Nan (my mums mum), made the most delicious milk toffee but it was a rare treat for me as she lived in Perth and I grew up in Adelaide. Whenever we visited she would always pull out an old square biscuit tin that would be filled with it. The most exciting thing though, would be every now and again she would send a batch in the mail which would arrive, sometimes a little worse for wear.’ O Tama Carey 

See you in store this week for a scoop of Milk Toffee! 

Milk Toffee is available until 12th November, or until sold out each day.

Milk Toffee