Rivareno x Lino Suaro, Wild Fennel Pollen: Chef Exclusive

Introducing Wild Fennel Pollen.

Working with new ingredients in our laboratorio is always exciting for us, especially when it has such a distinct new fresh flavour. 

Lino Sauro, well known chef and owner of Olio Kensington Street, has collaborated with us to bring you this week’s limited-edition flavour.  

‘At first taste, it’s reminiscent of the fennel seeds earthy aniseed flavours. But then it transforms into a citrusy, sweet finish and you can also can smell a bit of liquorice, all thanks to dried fennel flowers. 

Wild fennel pollen’s health benefits may provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It grows wild across Sicily throughout spring and into summer and is an important ingredient in Sicilian cuisine.  

And being myself from a farmer’s family, the wild fennel flavour and perfume always brings me back to my childhood when I was helping my father on the farm’. Lino Sauro 

This is one flavour you will not forget.

Wild Fennel Pollen is available this week only in all 4 stores, or until sold out each day.

Wild Fennel Pollen