Lunar New Year Celebrate with these Specials

Lunar New Year celebrations, the Rivareno way 

Bringing you something very special for Lunar New Year, meet our new flavour Hong Kong Milk Tea Gelato. A new, sweet and creamy flavour that is iconic in Hong Kong. Black tea and sweetened condensed milk are simply a great match, we developed this flavour with a well-known Sydney based chef (Hong Kong raised) to ensure it reflects its origins perfectly! Keeping true to what Rivareno is famous for, this is so velvety smooth.

Also available by popular demand this Lunar New Year is Rivareno’s ever so popular Organic Matcha Green Tea gelato and Black Sesame gelato. With oriental inspired flavours, these are flavours that are often released throughout the year.

These Lunar New Year flavours will be available from 6th until 11th February (varying launch dates- please check social media for specific announcements).

Rivareno gelato is made fresh each morning in small batches, so once it’s sold out each day that’s it!

For all flavours and the launch dates visit our social media pages.

Hong Kong Milk Tea