Our philosophy is based on one key principle – a constant quest in the world for natural ingredients exemplifying freshness, purity, and intensity. We do not use hydrogenated fats, artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. A uniquely intense, creamy and velvety experience, our gelato is unrivalled for the intensity of its flavours. Our ultra-fresh gelato is produced daily in our “laboratorio” in store only a few hours before serving. Our milk is not just any milk but the best milk in Italy, coming from the pastures high up in the Stura Valley, Piedmont, between the Maritime and Cottian Alps, which form the border between France and Italy.

We offer the best example of gelato using traditional Italian recipes – but whilst we respect tradition, we continually search out new recipes. Many of the flavours we offer are our own creations which you will find only in RivaReno Gelato stores.

No flavour becomes a RivaReno flavour unless it passes one simple test: blindfolded, with no prior knowledge, one should be able to pick the flavour immediately.