RivaReno Gelato is synonymous with a constant quest in the world for all natural ingredients for their freshness, purity, intense flavours and overall highest grade qualities. Our gelato contains no hydrogenated fat, preservatives, anti-oxidants and artificial colourings, and we do not need to use air to “puff up” our gelato.

Each RivaReno store has a lab where every flavour is made by adhering to high standard production processes. Our gelato is made daily in small batches several times a day to ensure ultra-freshness.

RivaReno Gelato is not displayed in the typical ice-cream counter where customers can see the products. Our gelato is contained in the traditional Italian cylindrical containers deep inside the counter so as not to be exposed to the air for better conservation.   RivaReno sources the world for the best raw materials. The intenseness of our gelato comes from generous dosage of those materials of the highest qualities.


The intensity of the flavours:

No flavour becomes a RivaReno flavour without passing one simple test: with closed eyes and no prior knowledge about the flavour you are about to taste, you should be able to recognise the flavour with ease. In every RivaReno gelato flavour, each ingredient is clearly recognisable, owing to both the high quality ingredients and exact dose of each ingredient.

The freshness:

An incontestable truth – the fresher the gelato, the better its taste and structure.  RivaReno gelato is always freshly made only a few hours prior in the RivaReno “laboratorio”. We make each flavour in small batches, several times a day, to ensure ultra-freshness and adhering to high standard production processes.

The velvety consistency on the palate:

Our recipes and gelato making process ensure that there are no coarse ice crystals on the palate.

A gelato that is not as cold:

RivaReno gelato is served at a higher temperature relative to other gelato stores, helping you to taste the flavours much better as the cold is a natural anaesthetic.

The creaminess and perfect balance of the sugars:

Always creamy and smooth without being heavy, our gelato is never excessively sweet. Although some of our flavours have naturally sweeter ingredients, including dates, maple syrup and white chocolate, you will never be left with an unpleasant after taste, common in products with too much sugar.

The ingredients and their doses:

Our gelato recipes are focused on pure, high quality, natural ingredients, and the perfect dose to allow you to clearly distinguish each flavour. RivaReno, strict on its mandatory principles of quality, doses each ingredient in the correct way, in order to allow customers to distinctly taste each flavour. We are aligned with the increasing focus on natural and genuine ingredients and food over the last few years, thanks to organisations, such as Slow Food and Golosaria. We use only the best real ingredients and do not skimp – the most prized chocolate in the world – single origin Valrhona chocolate, caramelised pecans, the best pistachios in the world from Bronte, Sicily, the best hazelnuts in the world from Piedmont in Northern Italy, the best almonds from Sicily, chocolate from Ivory Coast and Zaire.

Our raw alpine milk:

From the high Stura Valley, on the border of Cozie and the Maretime Alps in the province of Cuneo, in the region of Piedmont. Our milk based flavours comprise 70% milk and we are one of the few gelato producers to place such importance on our milk and cream used. Since ancient times, the high quality milk from the high valleys of Cuneo has been considered to be the best in Italy.

Our real fruit…

Used make fruit sorbets and granita. We do not use syrups or flavouring, with each flavour containing over 55% fruit. Our fruit is often purchased at the local markets, taking advantage, where possible, of seasonal fruit grown in the area. Many of our citrus fruits, on the other hand, come from Sicily, with the Bergamot sourced from Calabria, both of which are known for their high quality citrus.

The “pozzetti” counter…

Storing the gelato to preserve the freshness, quality and goodness of the gelato, unlike typical ice cream counters where you can see the product. These closed cylinders deep inside the counter ensure the gelato is not exposed to light, air or the environment, eliminating the risk of oxidisation, which changes taste and structure. This storage method is especially important for our high quality gelato, as no preservatives are used.

Our amazing flavours:

Over the years, RivaReno has developed a long list of recipes. Each year we add new ones, whilst the existing recipes undergo a process continual refinement. Our flavours are alternated depending on the season and local preferences. Added to this large variety of flavours there is another characteristic which distinguishes us from competitors: many of our flavours are “pralined”, that is, they contain within the gelato itself little so called “hard pieces” like for example carmelised or dried fruit or candied fruit, pieces of cake etc., which gives a large part of our flavours a notable dose of originality and gives a pleasant mouth-feel. Rather than “layering ingredients through gelato” this method is more original, harder to achieve, and therefore flavours the gelato much more.